PECON-Cover Matt

Our self-adhesive book covering films increase the lifespan of your books and protect them against dirt. Also it enables easy cleaning.

The satin-matt surface of PECON-Cover matt prevents against unwanted reflexions from sun- and/or ambient light. The special consistence of the surface allows the usage of ball pens and pencils to write on.

For that reason and because of its high flexibility and ultimate strength PECON-Cover matt is an ideal lamination film for maps to protect sensitive surfaces at field work.

The librarian appreciates PECON-Cover matt because of its comfy handling. In the shelf its matt surface prevents the books from sticking one another (blocking).

We work with solvent-free, age-resistant and permanently elastic acrylic adhesives, strictly ensuring that all raw materials are free of harmful additives and that they are characterised by excellent age-resistance.

Thanks to the reduced initial adhesion, these book protection films are very easy to adjust when applying them to almost any kind of surface. The final, high adhesion becomes reached after 24 hours. PECON-Cover matt is ideal for smooth surfaces such as paper and glossy covers, brochures, folders, etc.